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Projects & Invoices - Frequently Asked Questions

We wrote a page where you can read about the developers of the Projects & Invoices App:
About Us

Yes, the App was built specifically for MacOS and makes use of the special advantages this advanced operating system offers.
It is programmed using Apple's own Swift programming language, which also guarantees it will remain compatible with all future MacOS versions.

Yes, this is possible. We also build Apps according to your exact wishes, or plugins that connect to the Projects & Invoices App.

Please check out the company page at

For example, we built a special patient form, allowing an alternative health therapist to enter all health related data and a photo of the patient. It also features a graphical view of the human body on which the therapist can draw circles to indicate where the ailments are located. Also the treatment types (different type of massages for example) can be edited by the therapist himself. This was built within 3 weeks, and the programming fee was only € 750.00 exclusive VAT (companies outside of the Netherlands don't have to pay VAT).

If you're interested in building a custom App or a plugin, please send us an email and we can send you an offer.

Some screenshots (in Dutch):

A new button named "Clientendossier" was added, next to the name of the client.

After clicking "Clientendossier" the new custom patient form appears.

After clicking on the image of the human body, it will be maximized.
With the left mouse button a red dot can be painted on the image and it can be deleted with the right mouse button.

To use this program you need:
  • One of the following Apple Mac computers:
    • iMac (as of mid 2007)
    • MacBook (as of end 2008)
    • MacBook Air (as of end 2008)
    • MacBook Pro (as of mid 2007)
    • Mac mini (as of 2009)
    • Mac Pro (as of 2008)
    • Xserve (as of 2009)
  • One of the following Operating Systems:
    • Mac OS X 10.11 El - Capitan
    • MacOS 10.12 Sierra
    • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • An internet connection
Yes, we have a free trial version, which you can download from the main page (click "Download free trial version" on bottom of page). It is limited to three customers, three projects and three invoices, but the functionality is not restricted in any way.
Yes you can. In the "Settings" screen you can translate all necessary words to your own language. You can also change the sales tax or VAT rates to the ones you use locally.
For example, if you are Spanish, you can change the word "Invoice" to "Factura" and the word "VAT" to "IVA", and change the applicable VAT rate to 21%. It's all very easy to change.
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